Monday, November 14, 2011

The Childhood of Jesus Christ by Henry Van Dyke

This little volume is from Range 9 (the Jesus Christ,  four gospels, and millions of commentaries range) in the Religion section. With it's title and flowery cover, I was expecting a cheerful journey into the apocrypha, or at least some stories about building bridges from the beams of the sun.

Instead, I was disappointed with a nonsensical, if high-flown ramble about Van Dyke's opinions on paintings of the child Christ. The paintings were reproduced for the reader's edification in tiny, grey, grainy form. I suppose that's excusable owing to the fact that this book was published  before the widespread use of color photography. (1905, to be exact.)

Bask in the nonsense!

I'll make sure to get something a little more meaty next time I'm in the religion section. Or maybe not... this was surprisingly fun to read (If only to be able to justifiably think "What the heck are you even saying?" every two seconds.).

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