Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Cycle

You know how people are always apologizing for poorly-drawn internet artworks because they did it in MS Paint? Well, I don't even have MS Paint. (Thanks a lot, Steve!!! (I figure if I curse Steve Jobs enough, he'll come haunt me, which would be awesome.)) What I do have is a word processing program called "Pages" that allows you to insert shapes. So in that artistic medium, I present to you the story of my life:

With apologies to Henri Matisse:

Here is my life:

So, you know how it goes. By the end of any given writing/problem set marathon my body has blended entirely into the shape of my chair and I'm saying things like this:

And then, due to sheer force of will combined with luck, I finish everything on time, but barely. And of course, that leads to thoughts like this:

So then...

And then because of all the time I wasted "rewarding" myself...


A Missive from the Past

This was hidden between the pages of my secondhand thirdhand copy of Anna Karenina. Who is Sam Braverman? Was he brave enough to defend 'it' from the destructive force called 'Dusty'? Did Sam take this opportunity for growth?

The world may never know.