Monday, January 30, 2012

The Archetype or Heavenly Pattern of the Human Body

So there I was, scanning the endless shelves of the history section(s) for a quick read. Then I noticed an odd grouping of books nested amongst the world history topics. Titles like "100 Affirmations of Self" and "Worship of Osiris" caught my eye. 

Ah, the esoterics, the occultists of the turn of the century. How amusing you are now. I began flipping through a few of the books to sample them. "Okay," I thought, "you had me at 'The Philosopher's Stone and the mystic Elixir Vitae have a real existence and may be discovered by those who diligently search.'"

So if I haven't been updating as often, it's because I've been searching for the Elixir Vitae.

Eventually, the book claims, humans will reach a higher form where we all have flowers for heads. I am not joking.

The book I read from this section, "The Archetype or Heavenly Pattern of the Human Body", published 1937, was filled with such jollities as:
-Claiming that human civilization had been around for centuries before the central nervous system was invented.  
-Alignments of archangels, planets, and Zodiac signs.
-Reincarnation blended with pantheism blended with Christianity.
-The superior race, the Aryans.
-Claiming that each cell of the human body is composed of just Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. (Geez, molecular bio people, you claim it's"hard"? Seriously, memorizing four things? Give me a break.)
-Humans began as a gaseous form and coalesced as they evolved.
-The nucleus of each cell is visible as a glowing spark of immortal fire.
The slanted form of this list is representative of the Etherealized Form with influences of Ares and the Archangel Gabriel.

Until my existence concentrates in this Astral Plane again! (Catch ya later!)

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